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Ms.Aarti Vaishnav

 Aarti Vaishnav is a co-founder and CEO of Exxat LLC. She has been the director of Cancer Research Informatics Core (CRIC) at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center in University of Southern California for 12 years. Ms. Vaishnav completed her B.E in Information Technology from GCET and is an alumina that GCET is proud to have had.She has incredible triple master’s degrees with a Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology and an MBA at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Way back in 2008 when most projects utilized a wide range of spreadsheets and programming to oversee everything but lacked a genuine solution, Aarti realized that with the right team, they could accomplish something more than just providing products: They could make a difference and henceforth founded Exxat LLC. Starting off with just 5 clients, with Aarti’s ability to develop individuals and commercialize every aspect of a business, Exxat is now the only all-in-one solution proven to have the adaptability that address the needs of more than 300 unique clients. She is a well networked visionary leader who has transformed the company through product leadership, strategic partnerships, top and bottom-line focus and process improvement. Her current pursuit is to create a dynamic community of users around Exxat’s products.